How to start your wealth building journey | Just Reflections #54Listen now (13 min) | Regardless of how much you earn, your earnings must contribute to your long-term financial growth. Here's a wealth building model that can work for you regardless of your starting point.
Winning in the digital economy | Just Reflections #53Listen now (19 min) | I’ve been reading Cal Newport’s “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World”. It really clearly articulates many…
6 Lessons I've learnt from 52 weeks of writing | Just Reflections #52Listen now (11 min) | I've been writing every single week for the last 52 weeks. Here's what I've learnt from it
Virtue Signaling: What is it and why is it problematic? | Just Reflections #51Listen now (15 min) | Doing a good deed to help another should come from a place of empathy and compassion. But when it is done to serve a selfish…
How to achieve your new year resolutions | Just Reflections #50Listen now (12 min) | We've come to the middle of the year and it's time to evaluate how we're doing with those pesky new year's resolutions. If yours…
How to improve the odds of your relationship’s success | Just Reflections #49Listen now (21 min) | Last week I wrote about one of Dr John Gottman’s books, “Why Marriages Succeed Or Fail And How You Can Make Yours Last.” That book…
Here's what you need for a successful relationship | Just reflections #48Listen now (15 min) | The overarching feature that characterises good relationships is that they’re very gentle with one another. They think about what…
How to maximise your misery | Just Reflections #47Listen now (17 min) | It turns out the road to misery is quite smooth. Misery is not out of reach for even the most fortunate of us. It's an equal…
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